The First Squeezy Peanut Butter | Gluten Free Vegan Nut Topping for Bread, Snacks, Pancake | Slimming Food for Diabetic on Keto & Low Calorie Diet | Chocolate & Regular Flavor 2x435g Bottle (2 Pack)

The First Squeezy Peanut Butter | Gluten Free Vegan Nut Topping for Bread, Snacks, Pancake | Slimming Food for Diabetic on Keto & Low Calorie Diet | Chocolate & Regular Flavor 2x435g Bottle (2 Pack)





  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Very first squeezable no added sugar 2-Pack of regular and chocolate flavor peanut butter from Argentinian peanuts. So tasty nut spread, perfect keto breakfast with cereal or porridge oats. Suitable for cake, cookies, crackers, biscuits, protein snacks or nachos. Perfect substitute for chocolate !
  • NUTCHUP comes in a portable, mess free 435g bottle. Easy to spread and mix. Sugar free and unsalted peanut butter is perfect for diabetics, athletes and all those who care about their diet diary. Pure source of energy. Free from palm oil. For sure the highest quality product for all nut butter lovers
  • PEANUT BUTTER is great in many dishes: keto cookies, sugar free cake, gluten free cereal. A great addition to keto sweets or diabetic sweets. If you like a protein pancake, keto sticks, keto crisps, diabetic food, protein bread, sugar free snacks or low calorie sweets you should try NUTCHUP. Perfect as a gift in gluten free hamper and vegan snack box
  • 100 % CONVENIENCE with a squeezy bottle. Made from delicious Argentinian peanuts, this butter is perfect for families and peanut butter fans alike. Try also as a dip with nachos, brownies, pitta bread, biscoff biscuits, cookies, tortillas, pita breads, pancakes, chips, diabetic biscuits and much more!
  • Made in the EU - Our no sugar added nut butter can be a lovely Christmas gift in a gluten free hampers, healthy sweet bundle, chocolate bundle or diabetic hamper. The product is also available at a lower price in 3-pack or 6-pack versions. Nutchup is a no added sugar peanut butter which is worth introducing into the daily diet

Details: BRAND NEW! The first squeezy peanut butter on the market – perfect for peanut butter lovers! NUTCHUP is 100% CONVENIENT – Squeezable peanut butter in a 435g bottle with a mess-free lid. It squirts straight from the bottle without any mess. Our goal is to produce foods that make your life better. We focus on great nutrition, taste and ease of use. Benefits of NUTCHUP Peanut Butter ⭐ 100% Natural, 100% Argentine peanuts, 100% convenient, 100% satisfaction guaranteed ⭐ A great source of protein with 28g per 100g and a source of healthy fats ⭐ Free from preservatives, palm oil, gluten free and dairy free ⭐ No added sugar or salt ⭐ High in fibre, vitamin E, folate, magnesium and resveratrol ⭐ Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans An excellent addition to bread, pancakes, sandwich and cakes. Nutchup is great as a quick and healthy snack when you fancy something sweet. As a healthy topping, Nutchup is the perfect addition to low carb and calorie baking and is an ideal substitute for sweets in adults and children alike. Nutchup is also perfect for athletes before and after training to replenish energy and fuel a workout Have you noticed how messy conventional peanut butter can be? It can be claggy, thick and not always palatable. Not to mention the unwieldy jar that is not only difficult to store, but also transports claggy peanut butter all over the kitchen and fridge. Thanks to the new formula and mess-free lid, you can squeeze Nutchup directly on bread or rice cakes. You can take it to work, to the gym or on a trip to the mountains. Nutchup is a quick and healthy energy boost for everyone, anywhere! We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason. Please contact us and we will offer a full refund. Shake well before using as the oil can naturally separate.

Package Dimensions: 7.6 x 5.1 x 3.6 inches

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