The Complete Guide to Slim Rice and Its Health Benefits

The Complete Guide to Slim Rice and Its Health Benefits

The Complete Guide to Slim Rice and Its Health Benefits

The low carb rice taking the diet industry by storm is Slim Rice, a type of diet friendly rice which was introduced into the market in 2014, coming in at a only 9 calories per 100g with a range of other health benefits.

Slim Rice is made of 97% water combined with konjac the miracle Asian root plant which suppresses hunger preventing over-eating by stabilising blood-sugar levels with its Zero Sugar composition.

Learn about the health benefits of Slim Rice in this Health Guide

What is Slim Rice?

What is Slim Rice?

Slim Rice is a low-calorie alternative to regular rice, naturally low in sugar, low in calories, fat and carbohydrates and naturally Gluten-Free it is the perfect option for anyone wanting to undertake a low carb diet such as the Keto Diet whilst still being able to eat rice, and enjoying a range of Asian and rice based dishes.

Slim Rice is perfect for weight loss or anyone on a low carb diet, it contains almost no carbs and 9 calories per 100g, so not only is it suitable for those following keto, paleo, vegan lifestyle; but also it can be used as staple food by individuals on low-calorie diets who are after a quick rice based meal or a full blown dinner.


What is Slim Rice made from?

What is Slim Rice made from?

Made from a blend of wholesome and organic natural ingredients which makes Slim Rice great for a healthy diet.

The miracle ingredient is Konjac Flour made from the Konjac plant (Amorphophallus konjac) which is a plant native to the Asia. - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Konjac

Konjac flour makes a great tasting rice that is, plant-based,100% free of sugar, fat, wheat, and gluten, making it a safe and healthy option for gluten and sugar intolerant individuals.

Because of this many people with diabetes or celiac's choose to include Slim Rice into their diet to as a way of reducing their sugar and gluten intake.


Taste and Texture of Slim Rice?

Taste and Texture of Slim Rice?

Slim Rice is a unique product that manages to keep many of the traditional rice properties such as taste and texture with improved nutritional abilities.

Thanks to the Konjac flour ingredients, Organic Slim Rice looks identical to regular rice. It keeps a firm al dente texture even after being microwaved and makes for a satisfying low-carb meal.


How can I Prepare a Meal with Slim Rice?

How can I Prepare a Meal with Slim Rice?

Slim Rice is Easy to Cook and can be on your plate in under Three-Minutes.

One of the many advantages of using Slim Rice in your cooking is that it is really is easy to prepare!

  • Just open a pack.

  • Drain away the water

  • Rinse through with fresh cold water.

  • Heat through for 2-3 minutes in a microwave in the original packet or cook through alongside other ingredients in a pan.

  • Eat and Enjoy!


 What are the Health Benefits of Slim Rice?

    The Konjac flour used in Slim Rice is Organic Low Calorie (9 Kcal per 100g), Zero Fat, Zero Sugar and Carbohydrate Free. It can help you loose weight by dramatically reducing your calorific intake compared to traditional rice.
    Slim Rice is naturally Gluten Free which means it can support a gluten restricted diet ensuring celiac's and people with gluten intolerances can maintain a health lifestyle.
    Slim Rice is carbohydrate free which means it can support a range of low carb diets such as the Keto Diet, this means you can still enjoy a range of Asian and rice based foods, whilst ensuring you stay in Ketosis.
    Slim Rice is high in fibre at 4g of fibre per 100g which helps you to feel fuller for longer aiding in portion control and weight loss.
  • FAT FREE  
    Slim Rice is Fat Free


Reduced arsenic intake - an added bonus of Slim Rice!

Normal rice contains certain levels of arsenic in fact conventional rice is one the worst cereals crops in the world when it comes to arsenic levels and for those that eat high amounts of rice, you may find replacing some of your normal rice with Slim Rice creates a healthier diet. Here is what the UK Foods Standards Agency has to say.


"Rice tends to take up more arsenic from the environment than other cereal crops, depending on the variety of rice and how it's grown. The arsenic in rice also tends to be a more toxic form. It has the potential to increase the risk of illnesses in humans, including cancer. This does not mean you should not eat rice." https://www.food.gov.uk/safety-hygiene/arsenic-in-rice


Slim Rice vs Normal Rice Nutritional Values?

The values between normal rice and Slim Rice vary a lot which is why Slim Rice has so many health benefits, see the list below for the difference in nutritional values between Slim Rice and Normal Rice
 the difference in nutritional values between Slim Rice and Normal Rice


 Nutritional Values per 100g


Slim Rice

Normal Rice


9 Kcal

121 Kcal












Protein 0.2g 3.54g


Conclusion: Why Everyone Should Be Eating Slim Rice

Conclusion: Why Everyone Should Be Eating Slim Rice

Slim Rice can be included into your diet for several reasons, It can help with calories control, help stick to a keto style diet, or can be used to help with dietary requirements from gluten intolerances.

In the longer run, for people who eat a lot of rice, benefits may be seen by reduced intake of arsenic which is associated with conventional rice based products.


The Best Places to Buy Slim Rice?

The Best Places to Buy Slim Rice?

Slim rice can be purchased from a few select health food stores dotted around the country, although it is still a little harder to get hold of Slim Rice on the high street and in stores.

The best place to get it is online and you can buy it for the best price from the two biggest producers of Slim Rice and Slim Pasta Products.

We have partnered with the two original producers you provide you with direct access to the products on their website and you can purchase them through the links below.



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