About The Carb Free Zone

Welcome to the Carb Free Zone, as regular keto diet users ourselves, we know how hard it can be to find those Keto and Low Carb friendly products. This is why we created the Carb Free Zone, a place to show-off unique products that can help anyone on a low carb diet.


How does out site work? we search the internet for products to help those on their ketogenic journeys and list them on this site, we list products in two ways

1) an affiliate link to one of our partners sites, such as the amazing Carb Free Pasta.

2) an affiliate link to the product sold at another place such as Amazon.

Why we operate in this way? The Carb Free Zone was never envisioned as a purely commercial site we want to provide real value to you without having to become involved with holding stock.

We do this by using affiliate links, we can then showcase these amazing products to you, whilst allowing you to buy them on their official store or through the Amazon marketplace, this allows you to get the great products we list, delivered in the record speed and with the great customer service you would expect from amazon or the official store.


What's in it for us and you?

*For you, you get the item quicker and with cost savings, you also get official store and or amazon support.

*For us we get paid a small commission on each sale (without any additional cost to you) which helps us to run the site. as an example Amazon will pay us small percentage of each sale that is made from this site.

So if you have read this far well done and we hope you enjoy using the Carb Free Zone.


We hope this site helps you to find great products to help you along your keto and low carb journey, I know myself that items can be hard to find at local stores and supermarkets and this is why I created The Carb Free Zone. 

The links on the site allow us to showcase you great products, without costing you anymore money to purchase them through their official stores of through amazon. If you do find product you like on this store please feel free to stop by again and again to purchase via our links, that will really help out with running the site and allow us to add more great products.

It is our aim in the future to build the site to a better marketplace, full of useful articles and blogs and by using our links it will help to support this.


Amazon Statement: More is explained on the actual product page, but as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases that are undertaken on Amazon's website that are referred through by links from this site (carbfreezone.com) this earning helps us to run the site at no additional cost to you theu buyer.