8 Ways to Improve your Keto Diet Success

Eight Things you can do to Improve your Keto Success

1. Top up on Keto Friendly Snacks

Snacking is often blamed for causing weight gain, however, oftentimes this happens when people snack excessively (or eat more calories than they burn) or consume snacks that contain too many carbs or added sugars.

You never know when your going to get hungry and fancy a snack so make sure to top up on Carb Free and Keto Snacks that way you won't be reaching for any sugary treats.

Things like cheese based snacks, vegetable sticks, and meat based snacks can work work well. Even dark chocolate with a chocolate cocoa content above 70% can work well on a Keto Diet.

When getting keto-friendly snack items, always compare the nutrition facts label for the number of carbs per serving. If you looking for specific ones check out our Sweet Snacks or Savoury Snacks we offer.

2. Swap your hi carb quick foods from your cupboard with keto friendly ones

Swap your hi carb quick foods from your cupboard with keto friendly ones

One of the top tips that keto experts recommend you get acquainted with when beginning your keto journey, is to clear out your kitchen cupboards of high carb foods that you will be temped to eat.

Try and create a grocery shopping list of what you're going to be able to use more of in place of something else. The best way to start doing this is by eliminating products that contain starches and sugars, including things like sugar and honey.

Another great ketogenic hack is to start thinking about the meals you can make from scratch instead of buying too many prepared food options or ready made meals from a supermarket.


3. Subscribe to and follow an easy keto meal plan

Subscribe to and follow an easy keto meal plan

Now, the person most likely to stick to a diet when starting out is someone who is comfortable with or is already accustomed to eating similar foods.

In fact, these people will often still find enjoyment in a limited variety of meals as well - even if they are different variations of their favourite recipes.

In regard to this consider looking into a keto diet even if is for a short time, it can help you see that kind of recipes you can eat and create which should go a great way towards starting your Keto Diet of in the right direction.

You can learn more about undertaking a Custom Keto Diet 


4. Do your research before visiting Restaurants

Do your research before visiting Restaurants

You can still go out to your favourite restaurants when on the Keto Diet, but you will have to make sure they can cater to your new Diet.

Restaurants have gotten better over the years and will often cater to specific diets or can make adjustments to help you out.

A few options you can ask for which make a big difference are.

  • Replacing burger buns or bread for lettuce wraps
  • Asking for water instead of soda drinks
  • Asking the staff not to add sugar to any hot drinks
  • Asking the waiter for any sauce on the side so you can have only a little bit of it

5. Check out your Drinks sugar content

When its comes to drinks your in luck the diet drinks world has been going for decades and you can find sugar free drinks around every corner.

Whilst these may not be the healthiest options you can use them for a quick pick me up from their caffeine content.

When it comes to Alcohol its a little bit more tricky, some drinks are high in sugar others like Whiskey are almost carb free. Other low options include rum, whiskey, vodka, and other pure forms of alcohol.

However, if you prefer beer, stick with low-carb options, for keto wines, go for dry wines since these have the lowest amounts of sugar, or even better go for alcohol free which often have even less sugar. 


6. Stay Hydrated and get enough electrolytes

Stay Hydrated and get enough electrolytes

Drink lots of water within the first few weeks to stay hydrated. The first few weeks your body will loose its glucose store which are held in water, this means you will loose a around 6lbs of water, this is perfectly safe, and it happens during long endurance sporting events.

But you will need to drink more water to stay hydrated, for best results as well eats food or take supplements such as sodium, potassium, and magnesium especially after exercising. 

Some Keto Supplements can help to supplement your electrolyte levels. You can see our range for sale here 


    7. Take a ketone supplement.

    Taking exogenous ketones means that your body can enter into a state of ketosis faster since these substances raise ketone levels in the body.

    Taking this supplement is beneficial for people beginning the keto diet who need some extra help to bring their level of ketone bodies up and thereby kick-starting the process of entering into a fat burning and producing state.

    Another reason for using exogenous ketones is to improve your post-exercise recovery and athletic performance when recovering from a workout

    You can see our exogenous ketones supplements


    8. Eat low-carb pasta

    Eat low-carb pasta

    Normal pasta is very high in carbs and one of the best innovations to enter the low carb food market of late is Low Carb Pasta and Low Carb Rice, both of these are effectively Keto Friendly as they are Zero Carb.

    There are several type of replacement pasta's

    • Zucchini which is a vegetable is tasteless and has a semi pasta texture 
    • Spaghetti squash
    • Shirataki noodle which is made from glucomannan fiber.

    We are big fans of Keto Pasta and personally eat a lot of it, the tip with Keto Pasta's is to add more flavour than usual as the pasta itself if quite bland.

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    Make Keto Enjoyable and Sustainable

    Whether you've tried ketogenic diets before (and we hope you do!) or you want to optimize it, be sure to apply at least one of the ketogenic diet tips and tricks above. These will take the guesswork out of a healthy low-carb diet lifestyle which may help motivate more people to jump on board and start experiencing its wide range of benefits.


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