Keto: The Ketogenic Recipe Guide to a Delicious Low Carb Diet (Low Carb, Keto, Weight Loss Diet, Recipes)

Keto: The Ketogenic Recipe Guide to a Delicious Low Carb Diet (Low Carb, Keto, Weight Loss Diet, Recipes)



Author: Ellen, Lana

Binding: Kindle Edition

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 80

Release Date: 16-02-2017


Discover a New Way of Looking at Food and Turning Your Body into A Fat Burning Machine!

Like mostly everyone, you may have tried a number of diets only to discover that depriving your body of fats and other nutrients just left you feeling constantly hungry. The human body can only take so much and this feeling of constant hunger would ultimately lead you to breaking your diet, binge eating, and starting the cycle over again. This whole method of dieting came out of the misconception that having fat in your diet would make you fat. This incorrect belief lead food manufacturers to replace fat with sugar. However, doing this only made the problem worse and people have been gaining unwanted weight ever since.

Finally, a Natural and Absolutely Effective Way of Eating!

Thankfully, modern views on food, diet, and how the human body processes food for energy have lead to methods of eating that are MUCH better for weight loss, feeling full, and increasing energy. Ketosis, often referred to as Keto, is a metabolic state where your body is a FAT BURNING MACHINE. The idea behind a Keto diet is that when your body needs energy, it can either use carbs for fuel or it can use fat and protein. These are not the same however, because when your body burns carbs for energy, the effects are short lived, followed by a crash. People that have experienced "sugar crashes" know exactly what I'm talking about! However, when the body uses fat and protein for energy, the effects are steady and long lasting because your body takes a lot longer to convert fat and protein into fuel.

The Benefits are More Than Just Weight Loss!

Of course losing weight and looking great are important goals! Everyone wants to look their best, but a Ketogenic Diet will not only have you dropping weight like never before, but it will improve so many other aspects of your life including...

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